If you have short-term projects and would like to bring pre-professionals into your organization that you can evaluate for later full-time employment, you should consider our Cooperative Education Program (Co-op).

Students from all disciplines may participate in the program; however, graduate students must first obtain permission from their faculty advisor. Undergraduate co-op students are required to work a minimum of two terms, one of which must be a semester. Normally, these terms are scheduled consecutively, from January to August or June to December.Because many co-op students graduate a semester late, it is not uncommon for co-ops to work an additional term, usually a summer. In two majors, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, some students may find it necessary to work three terms consecutively (January to December) because of the scheduling of courses. Graduate students have the option of working one term (summer or semester) or more up to one calendar year.

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Dawn Cairns-Weaver
Associate Director of Experiential Learning

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