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Thank you for your interest in becoming an employer sponsor with the RPI Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD)! This initiative offers companies a unique opportunity to be even more engaged with RPI students. Sponsorships are limited and last through a full academic year; we encourage employers to sign up ahead of the Fall 2023 semester in order to use all of the benefits of their sponsorship level. Please see below for package options and contact Julianna Manning, Associate Director of Employer Relations, at mannij5@rpi.edu  for more information or to receive a link to sign up.

In addition to your organization fostering a stronger presence with RPI, funds from the sponsorship cost will go toward supporting the professional experiences and development of RPI students. Please note that as a requirement for participation in this program, each employer must have at least one job posting available in Handshake during the entirety of the sponsorship period.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Receive a personalized consultative meeting with Employer Relations Team
  • Name and company logo prominently displayed on CCPD website
  • Company logo displayed in print and digital CCPD Career Handbook for students
  • Extra marketing of hiring opportunities through sponsor job label in Handshake
  • Basic registration for the Spring 2024 Career Fair (1 table/4 representatives) – registration required

Includes Bronze features, plus these additional benefits:

  • Preferred Spring 2024 Career Fair booth placement
  • Priority booking for Career Fair Week – 1 Info Session and 4 OCI booths (must reserve early)
  • Priority booking for on-campus or virtual Info Session (1 per academic year – must reserve early)
  • Priority booking date for one day use of on-campus interview suite (based on availability – must reserve early)
  • 1 guest speaker career development workshop opportunity per academic year
  • Promotion of information sessions and webinars to targeted audience through Handshake email
  • Promotion of events via on-campus monitors
  • Quarter-page ad in print and digital CCPD Career Handbook for students

Includes Bronze and Silver features, plus these additional benefits: 

  • Premier Spring 2024 Career Fair booth placement
  • Lunch (in-person or virtual) with CCPD leadership to discuss recruitment strategy 
  • Unlimited (non-career fair) on-campus interview rooms (reservations are required)
  • Spotlight of hiring opportunities in CCPD newsletters, handbook, and social media  
  • Events pinned to Handshake’s student page
  • Full-page ad in print and digital CCPD Career Handbook for students

Choice of: 

  • 1 CCPD office takeover, including coffee and light snacks (limited to 2 employers – reserve early) 
  • 1 Speaker Series program, including light catering at a networking reception (limited to 2 employers – reserve early) 

One Bronze sponsorship per year is reserved for an organization that does not have the budget for the full sponsorship cost. If you would like to be considered for the fee waiver sponsorship, please include a short paragraph on why you feel your organization is deserving in your inquiry email.

Early Identification

of student talent pool

Informed hiring decisions

of talented candidates

Build a pipeline

of candidates through internships and co-ops

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