Career Planning

Young woman works with advisor in front of a laptop

Through the Cognitive Information Processing (CIP)1 approach, a four-year plan for undergraduates includes specific professional, career, and personal activities to support a range of competencies for future individual success. Each class year has a theme to help guide the types of activities and events to be offered during that year.

Freshman Year

Focus on Self Awareness

  • Comprehension of Major
  • Developing Oral/Written Communication Abilities
  • Identifying Professional Skills

Sophomore Year

Expand Career Awareness

  • Problem Solving/Teamwork Skills
  • Recognizing Areas of Opportunities
  • Engaging with Experts

Junior Year

Gain Experience

  • Application of Technical & Soft Skills
  • Working in Diverse Environments
  • Thinking Critically Regarding Post Graduation Avenues

Senior Year

Implement Career Decisions

  • Formulating Plans for Post-Graduation
  • Understanding Work/Life Balance
  • Interweaving Personal Integrity and Ethics into Decision Making
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