Experiential Learning Opportunities

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The Arch

The unique Arch Program enriches the academic portfolio with a Semester Away Experience in the Junior year. Options for away semester experiences that are registered through the CCPD include Co-ops, Paid or unpaid Internships, or Civic Engagement Experiences.

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The optional cooperative education experience, commonly known as a "co-op," provides hands on experience in industry and directly relates to academic major.  Co-op is open to all students, all class years, except Freshman, with at least one semester of full time academic study remaining in degree program. Co-ops are traditionally full-time, paid positions.

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Usually refers to a one-term work assignment, most often in the summer, but not always. Internships can be full- or part-time, paid or unpaid, depending on the employer and the career field.

The Arch, Co-op, and Internship

Quick Facts


  The Arch Co-op Internship
Required Yes No No
Year Available Junior Sophomore
Junior (Arch)
Transfers (after first semester)
Junior (Arch)
Transfers (after first semester)
When Semester Semester + summer Semester, summer or both
Length Can be three to eight months; student is required to work a minimum of 260 hours Six to eight months; must be full time (at least 520 hours) Approx. three months; minimum of 260 hours
Requirements   2.0 GPA
One full-time semester before graduation
Employment Full-time or part-time (minimum of 260 hours) Full-time or parallel (at least 520 hours) Full- or part-time (minimum of 260 hours)
Compensation   Paid Paid or unpaid
Status Full-time student (no tuition) Full-time student (no tuition)  
International Student Visa Restrictions Allowed to have a semester only internship experience. Utilizes Curricular Practical Training (CPT) time allowed by your Visa May apply for Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) through the International Services for Students and Scholars Office (ISSS)


    Co-op Internship
Required   No No
When   Semester, summer, or both Semester, summer or both
Length   three to eight months Approx. three months
Requirements   3.2 GPA and OGE approval 3.2 GPA and OGE approval
Employment   Full-time Full-time
Compensation   Paid Paid
Status   Full-time student (no tuition)  
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