Representative from Cisco systems speaks with RPI student at the Career Fair

Internships offer students a hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field.

An intern works at a company or organization for a fixed period of time, usually three to six months. Some students will have a part-time internship working at the office for just a few days or hours per week. Others will have full-time internships, meaning they work the same hours as the company's full-time employees. Internships can take place at any time of the year—including over the summer—and during the regular quarter, trimester, or semester.

Search for internship opportunities or make an appointment with a CCPD counselor through Handshake.

Internship Quick Facts

Undergraduate  |  Graduate


  1. Download a copy of the Co-op Guide
  2. Complete the Undergraduate Work Plan
    1. Offer letter
    2. Approval signature from academic advisor
    3. Approval signature from co-op counselor
    4. Approval signature from ISSS (if applicable)
  3. Forward a copy of official offer letter, resume, and Undergraduate Work Plan to (Subject: Undergraduate Co-op Documents)
  4. Attend a required co-op briefing (posted in Handshake)


  1. Download a copy of the Co-op Guide
  2. Forward a copy of official offer letter and resume to
  3. Attend a required internship briefing (posted in Handshake)

Offer letters must be on company letterhead or from an official company email and contain:

  • Start- and end-date
  • Rate of pay
  • Description of the work
  • Hours
  • Salary
  • Supervisor's Name and contact information
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